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2014/15 CHEC Independent School

What is the CHEC Independent School?

The CHEC Independent School is a private school in which students are taught at home by their parents. It was established to assist families in their God-given role of directing the education of their children. We offer enrollment in the CHEC Independent School by family (not per student) at a yearly fee. This enrollment covers your application fee, holding assessment results, and free year-round support from our staff. Parents are responsible for the education of their children.

What the CHEC Independent School is not:

Enrollment Policy:

The CHEC Independent School accepts applications from all students. In the event of truancy, suspension, parents with disputed educational authority, etc. the application may need to be reviewed by our Executive Director.

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Q: What is the fee to enroll?

A: The fee is $50 through August 31, 2014. The fee will increase to $60 after August 31, 2014. The fee is per family, not per student.

Q: Does CHEC provide curriculum?

A: Parents are free to select and use the curriculum of their choice. Curriculum is not included in the $60 fee.

Q: Where do I purchase curriculum?

A: CHEC offers curriculum kits by grade and a variety of other options. Most curriculum suppliers have websites to sell their curriculum.

Q: Do I need to submit a Notice of Intent to the school district?

A: Please do not submit a Notice of Intent as this will require you to comply with Colorado Homeschool law. As a family enrolled in an non-public school (private, parochial or independent school), you are not under the Homeschool law, but rather must follow the policies of the school you are enrolled in. If you intend to join the CHEC Independent School and have already filed a Notice of Intent, you must withdraw your Notice of Intent. You can do this simply by sending a letter to the district where you filed your NOI stating that you are withdrawing it and enrolling your child in the CHEC Independent School.

Q: What are the benefits ?

A: As an enrolled family, you will:

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Assessment Policy: